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Professional Parent 101: A quick effective method to raising fully functioning, self-determining adults.


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Professional Parent 101 is designed for an effective read, with life-altering distinctions. Our intention is that by the time you are done reading this book. You will have the distinctions to raise fully functioning, self-determining adults.

As you read you will learn more of the Professional Parent methodology and it impacts on raising children, marriage, divorce and parenting as a fully functioning self-determining adult under any circumstance with anyone, anywhere anytime.

This book is a must read for everyone committed to raising fully functioning, self-determining adults.

“I love how it feels…” —Yolanda, Marriage & Family Therapist

“A wonderful methodology” —Diane, Clinical School Psychologist

“Superb, revolutionary…” —Nathalie, International Business Consultant

“A must read for all parents…” —Manny, Father & entrepreneur

“Inspired me to make better choices…” —Sonia, Mother & Executive

“I applaud the work, wisdom, and teaching…”
—Michelle, Ph.D. Family Behavioral Psychologist