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Audio download: Creating a fully functioning, Self-determining person.


This 35-minute audio session gives you the “Fully functioning, Self-determining” distinctions to create Power, Freedom, and Self-expression for yourself and those around you. Practicing these distinctions gives access to:

  1. Creating new skills that empower yourself and teams to be fully functioning, Self-determining under any circumstance.

Product Description

01 Practice_the_5As_Audio_Parents from Professional Parent Associates.

This session is a 35-minute condensed version of a live two-hour coaching session. We recommend these “Fully functioning, Self-determining” distinctions as a context for the training and development you practice.  We find the more a person practices fully functioning, Self-determining distinctions, the more Power, Freedom, and Self-expression open up for them.

  1. Background Introduction.
  2. Creating a context for Parenting.
  3. I AM a Professional Parent.
  4. A Fully functioning, Self-determining person.
  5. Who is Fully functioning, Self-determining?
  6. The Five A’s distinctions.
  7. The Five A’s examples.
  8. What Hooks You? Is you.
  9. Combinations of Language.
  10. Creating Fully functioning, Self-determining teams.
  11. Being Seen Heard and Known.

Note: Audio Parent sessions are condensed from live coaching making them affordable.  In person and call-in consulting fees vary.

3 reviews for Audio download: Creating a fully functioning, Self-determining person.

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    “It’s a wonderful methodology on self-actualizing and becoming a professional.”

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    “A game changer. Superb. I believe the content to be incredibly revolutionary.”

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    “I love how it feels. What changed is my attitude about being a Professional Parent First”

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