history of Australian Ugg sheepskin boots dates back to 1978

The history of Australian vaiUgg sheepskin boots dates back to 1978, when a young Australian surfer named Brian Smith brought a batch of sheepskin boots to the United States. For many years, Australian craftsmen have been used to sewing sheepskin boots on the New Zealand coast. However, this business-minded young man is boldly trying to bring this Australian traditional product to the United States.
At that time, he only took a few pairs of Ugg sheepskin boots, with full of blood and confidence, began to sell on the streets of New York. However, he was not so lucky at first, and he did not sell a pair of boots in one day. However, he is not discouraged, and even some stubborn believe that it can be successful. He firmly believes that there must be a world of his boots in the US market.
So he decided to go to the west and go to California to find an opportunity. When he arrived at the destination, he found that there were already some people like him who sold them on the beach with similar sheepskin boots. Here he sold 48 pairs of boots to 5 customers in his first round of business. Of course, it can be said that California’s well-developed surfing market has attracted these fine sheepskin boots from Australia. Australian Ugg sheepskin boots have become a must-have for every surfer after landing.
Since then, Ugg Australia has slowly evolved from a small surfwear brand to a world-renowned luxury brand of sheepskin boots. The product line began to be more than just sheepskin boots, and slowly added casual shoes, slippers, and shoes of various seasons made from fine sheepskin. In the words of Ugg President of Australia: “Aussie Ugg is a good choice. Once you wear it, you will not want to take it off. Its originality, credibility and super-luxury comfort will fascinate you.”